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We take complex problems and break them down into simple solutions. From designing autonomous drone operating systems for NVIDIA GPUs to embedded Linux IoT devices provisioned in Azure Cloud, we deliver platforms for our clients to build their businesses upon.

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About Us

When Bodangly Software was founded in 2015 by Jordan, it was with a focus on embedded Linux devices, but would only grow from there. We are small, highly agile team of 4-6 software engineers, system architects, electrical engineers, devops specialists, and network engineers. We are well positioned to help push your company forward into the modern world and make your projects a reality, no matter the technology or challenge. We have done everything from design modular bolt-on autonomy kits for racing drones, to network router operating systems, software defined avionics systems for commercial aircraft, manufacturing floor automation for IoT devices, and much more.

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Nothing We Can't Do

Because we have expertise from the bottom of the stack (and we mean all the way down to Layer 1), to the very top, there is nothing our team of architects and engineers cannot accomplish. You can rest assured you are in good hands, and your project will be architected to the highest standards, taking into picture everything from what languages will be most efficient for each component, to making sure it can scale to meet not just current but future needs, be easily deployed, require minimal maintenance, and be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. We believe writing code is as much an art as it is a science, and that good code is beautiful code.

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Azure Cloud IoT PaaS/SaaS Solutions

In addition to completely custom solutions, we also offer managed Azure based SaaS and PaaS services. We are ready to go for large scale IoT deployments, as well as the ability to bolt-on cloud based management of everything from application software, devices, and other assets. For instance, want to move your on-premises SQL databases into the cloud, or leverage Azure AD for domain sync? We offer fixed prices for service contracts, with discounted rates on any non-recurring engineering incurred during integration with your product or services.

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Bodangly Software
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